Are you willing to come to Nepal and teach to underprivileged children? Please come and get involved in our teaching programs in Kathmandu and Chitwan.

The schools you will come and teach to have been created to support children being part of a support program. Some of them are orphans, some of them have very few relatives who can’t afford to keep them at home, some of them are from areas that are so remote they don’t have access to a school over there.

By coming to teach in these schools you will support a great educational project and experience the life and culture in Nepal. Nawa Asha will organize for you a place to stay with local people and you will be part of the community. You will also be provided with food.

Before volunteering with us, be aware that you will be asked to provide a criminal record, or very strong recommendations. You will be trusted to take care of a class of children, Nawa Asha therefore need to be aware of any background involving threatening behaviour towards children.

All along your stay, the price you pay will include transports, insurance, accommodation and food. We guarantee a fair price without overcharge, in respect to your commitment to support us.
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