Sponsor a child in their community

with US$ 50 per month, you can offer a child an education while staying with his family and community. This price will cover the child schooling basic needs, as well as support the parents and the relatives.

Nawa Asha wishes to keep the families together, and to let the children live a local life without being taken apart from those who matter to him. Displacement is to be avoided as much as possible. Once they graduate, these children will still be part of their native communities and then be able to stay there and support their families. They will also be advocating a better education for other members of their communities, giving a long-term perspective of a spread good level of education around them.

Most of the children targeted are the ones coming from the Dalits (so-called low cast) community, or other underprivileged groups such as local tribes, often very poor communities. 
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