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School2School is a project that started in Australia in 2016. Its aim is to connect ‘schools with MORE’ to work with ‘schools with LESS’, in a sister-school relationship.

To do so, the S2S team finds schools, mainly in developed countries, who are keen to work on social justice programs through a sister-school relationship. This school have to be ready to commit on a long-term serious involvement to get a sustainable work of support to the sister school.

The S2S team then connects this school with a school willing to get support, usually in an underprivileged area in the world. These schools are found by local NGOs who agreed to get involved in this program as partners to S2S and who will then stand as mediators between the two sister schools.

Nawa Asha is proud to be the first local NGO partnering with S2S for this project. Therefore, the Nawa Asha team is in charge of spotting schools in Nepal which are the most in need of support, and whose communities are willing to get into this sister-school relationship.
Currently in Nepal, a lot of schools were destroyed by the 2015 earthquake and haven’t yet been rebuilt. The local heads of communities are asking for some support from NGOs, stating that there has been no help coming from the government. They believe there would be no school for at least 5 or 6 years if they wait for help from the government. A sister-school relationship can start with providing the funding to rebuild these schools so the local children can go back to school. Once the school is rebuilt, the sister-school relationship can keep growing in a sense that brings benefits to both schools.

S2S and Nawa Asha share the belief that education is one of the core elements to make the world a better place. Together, they make Nepal the first country to start this project that is meant to spread positive ripples all around the planet.

Get involved
If you are a school principal, teacher or parent, and you would like to see your school commit in this project, please go through the School2School website to read more about their work frame, principles, and application steps.

Find out more about the schools we selected
School2School offers all the information you need about the schools targeted by Nawa Asha. Visit their ‘Schools There’ page to read about the schools that are still waiting to get a sister school, and apply with them to get connected to one of them and start spreading ripples with us.
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