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Internet banking is not available yet due to Nepalese law. The Nawa Asha team is looking for an NGO through which you can make your donations to Nawa Asha. Meanwhile, for any donation please follow these steps:

Banking information

You can choose what you you would like to donate for:
- Administrative costs
- School2School projects
- Sponsorship programs
- Disaster relief programs
Please advise us of which aspect of Nawa Asha you want to donate to. If you have no preference, just mention “Nawa Asha” and we will use your donation to the most relevant fund.

Thank you for your donation, which encourages us to keep working on this life-changing organisation through projects that are dear to us.  

Bank details of registered NGO in Nepal
Swift Code : EVBLNPKA
Everest Bank Ltd.
Jorpati, Kathmandu Nepal
Bank Account Number : 05800105200039
Account Name : NAWA ASHA NEPAL
                           Kavresthali-6, Kathmandu

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