Importance of education

Education is the door to improvement for the lives of children who get a chance to study. In a country such as Nepal, most of children attend primary school. However, the attendance rate drops when secondary school starts. The principal reason is financial: the parents can’t afford to send their children to school because that means buying materials, but also means one person less working to earn a wage to support the family. Another reason is that lots of children live in very remote areas, where reaching a school is quite challenging. This isolation has been raised with the damages caused by the 2015 Earthquake, when a considerable number of schools were destroyed and haven’t been rebuilt yet. One last reason for children not to attend school is early marriage, which is still common in Nepal, or human trafficking.

The lack of education brings a lot of disadvantages with it: little career-job opportunities, poor knowledge of one’s rights, unawareness of health conditions and of care availability, are only a few examples of the consequences coming from a poor education. This issue is general in Nepal, yet it is especially severe toward girls. They are the ones who are often taken off school after primary classes, people judging it’s a waste of time to educate girls, or just having other plans for them.

However, education is the best way to get a country developed by raising a new generation with more knowledge, more aware of their rights and more willing to be their own life entrepreneurs. This is why Nawa Asha believe this is a core element of social justice to rise up Nepal in the future.
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